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Writing - trang 32 Unit 4 Sách Bài Tập (SBT) Tiếng anh 11 mới

Tiếng anh mới

1. Write recommendations to improve accessibility for disabled people, using the words and phrases given. Change the word forms, if necessary.

Viết khuyến nghị để cải thiện khả năng tiếp cận cho người tàn tật, sử dụng các từ và cụm từ được đưa ra. Thay đổi hình thức từ, nếu cần.

1. improve / home safety / provide / friendly environment / disabled people /.

2. consider / ways / make / day-to-day life / easier /.

3. remove / barriers / stop / disabled / contribute / the community /.

4. help / people with disabilities / engage / hobbies / activities /.

5. provide / people / hearing impairments / with / suitable / hearing aids /.

6. change / the way / think / act towards / people in need /.

Gợi ý đáp án:

1. We should improve home safety and provide a friendly environment for disabled people.

2. We ought to consider different ways to make day-to-day life easier for people with disabilities.

3. We ought to remove the barriers that stop disabled people from contributing to the community.

4. We should help people with disabilities (to) engage in hobbies and sports activities.

5. We should provide people with hearing impairments with suitable hearing aids.

6. We need to change the way we think about and act towards people in need.

2     Read Nam's report about his visit to a special school. Identify a problem he mentions and write your recommended solutions to it in the space below.

Đọc báo cáo của Nam về chuyến thăm của cậu đến một trường học đặc biệt. Xác định một vấn đề cậu đề cập và viết các giải pháp được đề xuất của bạn cho nó trong khoảng trống dưới đây.

Yesterday morning, our school went on a visit to Hoang Mai special school in Ho Chi Minh City. When we were there, we had a chance to meet students with different disabilities and join in school activities. First, we talked with people with visual disabilities. Then we observed a class in reading Braille books. We were told that there were not many books written in this system of raised dots. Then we met children with hearing impairments. Their teacher taught us some basic sign language so that we could greet them. We were told that hearing aids are very expensive and some parents can’t afford them. It was a useful visit for our class. We have decided to start volunteering at the school, and I think we can all help these children to learn skills and have a better life.


Solution 1 __________________

Solution 2 __________________


Gợi ý trả lời:

Problem: There were not many books written in Braille

Solution 1: Record some short stories on audio recording devices

Solution 2: Organise story-reading events

Conclusion: Volunteer students can record short stories and read stories for students with visual impairments. This can provide more opportunities for children to enjoy different books.

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