Câu 6 Unit 8 Trang 71 Sách Bài Tập (SBT) Tiếng Anh 8 - Read the situations and complete the sentences. Us... DeHocTot.com

Câu 6 Unit 8 Trang 71 Sách Bài Tập (SBT) Tiếng Anh 8

Tiếng anh

Read the situations and complete the sentences. Use comparative forms (-er or more...) or the superlatives (-est or the most…) with given adjectives.

Đọc các tình huống dưới đây và hoàn thành câu. Sử dụng dạng so sánh hơn ( -er hoặc more...) hoặc so sánh hơn nhất ( -est hoặc the most...) với các tính từ đã cho.

a) The white shirt is 45,000 dong, the yellow one is 50,000 dong, (cheap, expensive)

The white shirt is cheaper than the yellow one.

The yellow shirt is more expensive than the white one.

b) My house was built in 1980, Nam’s house was built in 1972 and Hoa’s house was built in 1950. (new, old)

My house is the newest.

Hoa’s house is the oldest.

Nam’s house is older than mine, but Hoa’s is the oldest.

c) We went on a picnic on Sunday. Some of us went by bike, some went by bus and others by motorbike. It took one hour to go by bike, 30 minutes to go by bus and 20 minutes to go by motorbike. (slow, fast)

Going by bike______________________________________________ .

Going by bus_______________________________________________ .

Going by motorbike__________________________________________ .

d) About 75% of customers prefer this new shoe style, and only about 15% of customers like the normal style. (popular)

The new shoe style__________________________________________ .

e) Green lives in a house with sufficient modem equipment. Mr. Black lives in an old flat without modem equipment. (comfortable)

Mr. Green’s house___________________________________________ .

f) A mall usually has about 50 to 100 stores of all kinds and a large parking lot for cars. A department store usually has about 20 to 50 stores, but it does not normally have a parking lot. (large, small)

A mall___________________________________________________ .

A department store_________________________________________.

g) The West Edmonton Mali in Canada has 600 stores, 110 restaurants, and 19 movie theaters. The Mali of America in the USA has 400 stores, 40 places to eat, and 14 movie theaters. (big, small)

The Mali of America __________________________________________ .

The Mali of Canada ___________________________________________ .

h) Online shopping does not take much time and. But you have to spend a lot of time and energy if you do shopping in a shop. (convenient)

Online shopping is____________________________________________ .

i) On Sunday the temperature was 20 degrees. On Monday it was 17 degrees, and today it is only 15 degrees. (cold, warm)

Today ______________________________________________________ .

Monday ____________________________________________________ .

Sunday _____________________________________________________ .

j) Ha Noi is about 1000 years old, Hue is about 450 years old and Ho Chi Minh City is about 350 years old. (old, young)

Ho Chi Minh City_______________________________________________ .

Hue_________________________________________________________ .

Ha Noi_______________________________________________________ .

k) Ho Chi Minh City has a population of 3.7 million, Ha Noi has a population of 2.7 million and Hue has a population of 700 thousand. (crowded)

Hue__________________________________________________________ .

Ha Noi ________________________________________________________ .

Ho Chi Minh City_________________________________________________ .

 Hướng dẫn giải 

a) The white shirt is cheaper than the yellow one.

– The yellow shirt is more expensive than the white one.

b) is the newest

– is the oldest

– older than … the oldest

c) is the slowest

– is faster than going by bike

– is the fastest.

d) is more popular than the normal style

e) is more comfortable than Mr. Black’s house

f) is larger than a department store

– is smaller than a mall

g) is smaller than the Mall of Canada

– is bigger than the Mall of America

h) more convenient than shopping in a shop

i) is the coldest

– is warmer than Sunday

– is the warmest

j) is the youngest

– is younger than Ha Noi and older than Ho Chi Minh City

– is the oldest city

k) is the least crowded

– is les crowded than Ho Chi Minh City

– is the most crowded


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