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Câu 7 Unit 4 Trang 42 Sách bài tập (SBT) Tiếng Anh 9

Tiếng anh

Complete the following dialogues, using the modal verbs in brackets and the information in the box.

( Hoàn thành hội thoại sau, sử dụng động từ khuyết thiếu trong ngoặc và thông tin trong hộp)

work harder and harder

(làm việc càng ngày càng chăm chỉ)

go to the doctor

(tới gặp bác sĩ)

go home

(về nhà) 

be diverted 

ask her to phone me

leave now

practice listening to the radio regularly

take a taxi

run as quickly as possible

complete your assignments


A: I'm nervous. I don't think I can answer the questions.

B: Don't worry. If you want to pass the exam, you should work

harder and harder.                (should)

a) A: We'll be late for the class, Peter!

B: No problem. If we want to be there on time,

We______________________ .             (must)

b) A: The weather is terrible!

B: If it stops raining, we____________ .     (can)

c) A: She looks very ill!

B: She___________________ if she wants to get better.                   (ought to)

d) A: John! I can't see anything outside through the window.

B: My dear! If the fog gets thicker, the plane_______________ . (might)

e) A: Mom. My friends are waiting for me.

B: Alright. If your homework is ready, you______________ . (may)

f) A: I have an appointment with Hoa tomorrow.

B: Well, if you see her tomorrow,______ you___________    (could)

g) A: I can't understand what they are saying!

B: Really? If you want to improve your listening skills,

You ______________                   (should)

h)   A: I'd like to play soccer, Mom.

B: Well. You _____________         (have to)

if you want to go out.

i) A: Hurry up, Peter! We just have 5 minutes left.

B: We__________ if we don't want to miss our flight. (must)

Đáp án

a) We must run as quickly as possible. (Chúng tôi phải chạy nhanh nhất có thể)

b) We can go home. (Chúng tôi có thể về nhà )

c) She ought to go to the doctor  (Cô ấy phải đi gặp bác sĩ)

d) The plane might be diverted. (Máy bay có thể đi chệch hướng)

e) You may leave now. (Bạn có  thể rồi đi bây giờ)

f)  Could you ask her to phone me? (Bạn có thể yêu cầu cô ấy gọi cho tôi)

g) You should practice listening to the radio regularly. (Bạn nên luyện nghe đài thường xuyên)

h) You have to complete your assignments. (Bạn phải hoàn thành bài tập của bạn)

i) We must take a taxi... (Chúng ta phải gọi taxi)

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